Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Verizon HTC Touch Pro Hacks

UPDATE: I'm currently running Energy ROM, which IMO is the best Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM out there for the CDMA HTC Touch Pro. Link here:

2.1.4 is out, more info here.

Everything and the kitchen sink all in one, GC's Touch Pro Kitchen 2.1.0

First, download the Verizon HSPL unlock package.

Next, get GC's Touch Pro Kitchen 2.1.0 from this thread.

Choose the option to install the VZW GPS driver and the GPS will automatically work.

When it asks about the page pool, change it to 9MB (make sure you click the change to button after selecting 9).

If you try the Manilla HD engine, the right softkey will not work until you edit it with the Advanced Config Tool. (Menu->More Settings->Key Mapping)

This Kitchen will create ROMS that are ridiculously fast compared to the stock VZW ROM. Thanks GC!

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