Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GC's Touch Pro ROMs & Kitchen 2.1.4 Released!

Just updating this old post with a link to my new favorite ROM, Engergy ROM. Link: http://mondotech.blogspot.com/2009/11/best-cdma-htc-touch-pro-rom-energy-rom.html

2.1.4 is out! Check it out here.


downgraded to SYS build 5.2.21109.1.6.0 due to stability
tweaked build to increase performance
fixed Comm Manager issues
fixed poweroff button
added animated version of Manila (engine & theme)
fixed Manila HD home tab contacts bug
removed script to autostart Manila HD at boot, must start manually with Start Manila app
fixed remaining IDS_LOADING bugs
removed Generic Manila theme due to instability and numerous bugs
added HTC Random Access as OEM package
fixed HTC Streaming Media package, now selectable in kitchen
fixed HTC Bluetooth Explorer package, now selectable in kitchen
converted IPSECVPN to SYS package, now selectable in kitchen
tweaked some of the carrier packages
tweaked several kitchen files

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the site that that links to is off line. NIIICE!