Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Setup lirc with Xe emulator on mythtv and mythbuntu

If you want to be able to exit Xe using a remote see below.   This can also be modified for use with other emulators as well.

Open a shell and go to ~/.lirc/
Create a new file called xe with the following contents:
remote = mceusb
prog = irexec
button = Back
config = /home/mondo/killxe
mode = irexec
Be sure to substitute your remote type, username, and desired button.  Next, edit ~/.lircrc and add
include ~/.lirc/xe

Create ~/killxe with the following contents:
killall -9 xe
killall -9 irexec
chmod +x ~/killxe
Edit your emulator startup command inside mythtv.  Add
before your existing command.

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t3chn0b0y said...

sweet, Ive been looking for something like this... I really appreciate it..