Monday, July 8, 2013

AIMP 3 Convert to MP3

AIMP 3 no longer supports mp3 conversion out of the box.  You need to manually install the LAME library.  Download the 32bit LAME bundle here:

Then exact and copy lame_enc.dll to your AIMP3 modules directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\AIMP3\Modules)


gaxgax said...

Thanks a lot......simply perfect.


Sir Gustav said...

Thank you!

kytekat said...

You must download lame enconder and paste him into new directory now:
"\AIMP3\System\Encoders\lame_enc.dll" (for AIMP3 ver3.60-Beta)

Feradroid said...

On the recent versions of AIMP, instead of Modules folder use, the System\Encoders folders. Works beautifuly!

fenndyst.NET said...

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Atikur Rahman said...

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