Sunday, May 17, 2009

ASUS P5B Windows 7 Audio Drivers

The latest drivers I could find for the AD 1988 audio chipset work great under Windows 7 (x64). ASUS hasn't updated their website in ages but there are much newer drivers available. worked the best for me. The stock Windows 7 drivers do work, but there's no bass crossover management if you're doing 6 channel out to a receiver. corrected the issue.

Download here

When installing use the following executable, the DTS drivers do not work well.

See for a full list of available AD 1988 drivers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks and again thanks. There aren't drivers for PB5 and windows 7 (x64), and you got it. Thanks. Works fine.

chrone said...

thank you very much. i really appreciate it.

the official driver from asus for p5b-deluxe wifi/ap didn't work quite well, especially the clicking folders sound and so on with windows 7 rc. also, the sound on leadtek tv2000xp expert tv tuner often shutted off and on in random cases. it's been annoying.

i'm gonna try this one out. hope it will solve my problems.

chrone said...

woohoo it works perfectly, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank U man!:)))))

Anonymous said...

thanksssss :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man!It was the only solution to my problem.Keep up the good work.

Anon said...

Thanks a lot for this !
I used to use the standard windows 7 automatic driver for that, don't know how or why it happened but I never checked until I had to do some tweaking with Stereo Mixing in order to have sound coming out both from my GPU's HDMI and my soundcard.
I installed the latest drivers from another website ( they were 6.10.02+ higher number than yours) and they would half work ... Sound was going out, stereo mixing was OK, but the control panel in the windows options crashed everytime and the soundmax panel wouldn't do anything (except the classic volume mixer, same as windows)
Just installed the ones linked (without DTS) and it seems to be working perfectly well !
I really needed working drivers in order to be able to tweak a little bit more frequencies for movies (Voice enhancement if you prefer)

Glad to see that some ressources are stil alive for old hardware :)